Women & Gender Studies

Teaching students to how to raise vital questions about power, resistance, and social transformation, and how to engage in the world as responsible citizens.

From Parchment to Pixel: History in the Digital World

Digital technology is transforming how historians work and think. In this course, students explored how digital methods affect how historians collect and analyse information, and how they convey their discoveries to their fellow scholars and the general public. Students learned how to gather and analyse evidence using digital tools and methods that  included data-mining techniques such as network analysis and topic-modelling. Students both wrote research papers based on their discoveries and developed interactive digital presentations to engage a public audience.

In The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1343 -1400) offered us a gently satirical portrait of late medieval society. Inspired by this work of fiction, students worked on a digital project that toke the form of an educational text-based interactive game, set in London during Chaucer’s lifetime.  To design and build their games, students used www.twinery.org.

More Than Victims
Me Too In The Media
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