A Merciless City: Merchant of London
Welcome to London! It is the 14th century, in the reign of our King, Richard II. You are Hugh Bradley, son of William the Fishmonger. Born in 1364, christened Hugh Thomas Bradley, you are claimed by godparents, Thomas and Jessica. As the second son of the family, you will not inherit the fishing business from your father, and thus have been apprenticed to John Organ, a prominent mercer in the city. The Mercery is a powerful guild. They predominantly sell textiles, such as your master who sells fine silks and linens to the aristocrats and churchmen. You will soon join their ranks, and have the oppurtunity to own your own business, raise a family, and gain wealth and power. Your goal is simple: excel at your profession, become a respectable member of society, and maintain good relations with all aspects of London life. London is based upon personal relationships, a fabric that works so long as everyone understands their role. But first, you must understand your origins, a taste of what is to come.